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5reasons to stay at Shinsuien

  • We provide our special
    Japanese breakfast.
  • The large bath uses bincho coal,
    which helps to sooth and relax.
  • Single, double, twin and
    Japanese-style rooms, all at
    reasonable rates
  • The Japanese-style rooms in which you can wind down after travels Rooms available for 3 to 4 guests
  • Parking area available only for guest use (20 car spaces)

Guest rooms

  • Guest rooms
  • Guest rooms
  • Guest rooms

Spacious rooms which provide ample time to relax.
All rooms equipped with bath, toilet, television,
air conditioning, and fridge

Prices Single ¥6,300~
Double(2 people) ¥11,000~
Twin A ¥12,600~
Twin B ¥13,650~
Japanese-style room A (4 people) ¥25,200~
Japanese-style room B (3 people) ¥18,900~

Public baths

  • Public baths
  • Public baths
  • Public baths

The high quality water running from the bincho coal-paved
walls will warm your body right through.

Opening hours Women’s bath: 5am – 9am, 3pm – 8:30pm
Men’s bath: 9pm – 2am
Cleaning time 8:30pm – 9pm, 10am – 2pm
Remarks Note that mens and womens baths are
separate, and opening hours are limited.

Hotel facilities

  • Banquet room
  • Restaurant
  • Parking area
  • Wheelchair slope
  • Multi-purpose toilets
  • Coin laundry

Overview of the Facilities

Check-in/check-out Check-in 3pm/check-out 10am
Number of guest rooms 47 (42 Western-style, 5 Japanese-style)
Public baths Large public bath
Meeting room Can seat 114 and 54 (in two rooms)
Hotel facilities ■Banquet room
■Public baths
Services ■Vending machines
■Coin laundry (payment req.)
■Rental bicycles
■Cleaning service
■Massage service
■Postal delivery
Parking area 20 spaces (\500 parking fee, buses, trucks \3000 – \5000)

Please let us know by phone if you will not arrive by the check-in time.
If you miss your designated check-in by more than 2 hours, your reservation may be canceled.
If you wish to cancel your reservation, please call us 2-3 days ahead of time.
We ask that you pay accommodation, parking and meal fees upon check-in.


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Access by train

Access by car

Phone reservations and inquiries 052-681-0221

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